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Somec designs, manufactures and installs glass envelopes for cruise ships.

Thanks to 30 years experience Somec is the business partner to develop innovative products to suit every customer requirements. With a complete in-house cycle of production and a modern facility equipped with cutting-edge technologies and machines, all the productive phases are managed to guarantee total control of process and flexibility at the same time.

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A variety of factors and knowledges of technical, aesthetic, engineering and economic type converge in cruise ships building, consequently only a consolidated experience in the field can ensure that all stages of products realisation are managed successfully.
Each client’s and shipowner’s need is transformed into personalized solutions and each project is performed in compliance with marine industry standards. The analysis of problems, the study of technical evolutions and the great care in the choice of every step, distinguishes Somec worldwide for production ability, technological potential and reliability.

Doors and windows
Weathertight doors and windows for cabin balconies and public areas, realized with aluminium profiles treated and painted for marine environment. Hinged doors with single or double leaf, sliding doors with special ramps for ADA requirements, automatic sliding doors upon request. Every product is specially designed to withstand the required design pressures.
Balcony balustrades and partitions
Continuous balustrades for balconies, with safety glasses held by lower and upper profiles or clamps, and top handrail available in various shapes and materials. Privacy partitions for balconies realized with aluminium profiles and glass or aluminum infill panels.
Prefabricated balconies
Preassembled, turn-key system consisting of cantilever beams, consoles made of aluminium extrusions and flooring, complete of balustrade, partitions and water drain system. Somec’s balcony system is fully customizable and may be provided with a roof, washing, lighting and loud-speaking systems, according to specific requirements.
Continuous glass walls
Continuous glazing designed and built with different systems and surface finishes for restaurants, bars and other public areas. Glass walls can be realised with unitised or structural sealant glazed system.
Skylights and winter gardens
Special glazed roof structures designed according to Architect’s project and realised with a main structure in steel or aluminium and glass modules mechanically fixed or structurally glued.
Fire resistant products
Wide range of fire-rated products designed and certified in conformance with SOLAS and FTP Code: single and double-leaf hinged doors, windows, glass walls and glazed roofs with insulated glass unit. All the products are structurally tested for outside areas.
Special glazing for skywalks, tunnels and panoramic lifts
Special shaped windows, walkable glasses with anti-slip treatment for skywalks, multiple-deck glazing for open areas, atrium and theatres, curved glasses for tunnels, panoramic lifts and external staircases.
Wheelhouse glazing
Continuous fixed glass walls with high pressure resistance, composed by steel mullions and heated glasses, complying with naval register regulations. Wheelhouse system can be integrated with window wipers, automatic washing systems and clear view screens. Our wheelhouse systems are tested and certified by Lloyd’s Register and Germanischer Lloyd.