where sky and sea meet. and beyond.

Being the right partner for your projects.
Somec S.p.A. brings together highly experienced companies specializing in engineering, design, and manufacturing of turnkey projects, marine or land-based: glass envelopes and façades, special architectural projects, public areas interiors, professional cooking equipment. The group operates through two business units Seascape dedicated to the marine projects and Landscape to land based projects.

looking beyond the horizon.

To create a positive and sustainable business, exceeding customer’s expectations.
The projects accomplished by the group stand out for the deep technological know-how required in high-end full service contracts. Furthermore, they are bound by the strong requirement of service and assistance both in a new building, maintenance or refitting phase.


Since 1993 Somec addresses the marine market through the design and production of glazing systems for cruise ships and, in the last years, through the galleys professional equipment with Oxin. HySea deals with cruise ships public areas and living spaces. Navaltech is dedicated to the marine refitting and maintenance of cruise ships in USA and Caribbean areas, while Seatech operates in the same field with European clients. Sotrade operates in the shipyards and in navigation installing and maintaining Somec products.


Since 1978, the land-based business of Somec has accomplished first-rate projects in developing building façades. In the last few years, Fabbrica LLC has grown in the USA market thanks to the 20 years experience of the founders and the exploitation of productive and designing synergies within the group. Inoxtrend, a historical company in the field of professional cooking equipment, has joined the group as the leader of a new program created with the aim of innovating, leveraging on Somec attitude and in line with the vision of the Chairman Oscar Marchetto.

globally near

we operate with companies and branches
on the major yards in the world

4o years experience
in the glazing industry


Somec acquires 50.1% of Fabbrica LLC entering the building façades business in the US

Somec acquires Inoxtrend, active in the professional cooking equipment business
Incorporation of Hysea, entering the business of marine interiors, specializing in public areas and living spaces


Somec enters Borsa Italiana Elite Program

Alberto De Gobbi and Claudio Daniele, along with Oscar Marchetto and another financial partner, found Fabbrica LLC engaging in the business of building facades in the US


Somec acquires Oxin, entering the Marine cooking equipment business

Oscar Marchetto acquires the majority stake of Somec. Giancarlo Corazza and Alessandro Zanchetta, members of the board, become shareholders


the new management team led by Marchetto launch the program “Our horizons are where sky and sea meet”


The real estate crisis of the italian market in which Somec Building division operates pushes the company to find other investors in a group of entrepreneurs

The reputation of Somec in the marine business has grown so far to allow the company to enter another challenging business: the Marine Refitting


Thanks to its experience in developing façades system projects Somec enters the Marine Glazing business, applying the successful recipe of developing ad-hoc systems for the marine environment


Somec, founded by Aldo and Ermenegildo Sossai, moves its first steps in land-based façades business

management team


After a technical education, he started his professional experience in the R&D department of a company operating in the electronics automation industry. Co-founder of Nice S.p.A., leader in Home and Building Automation, in 1998 he became Member of the Board. Under Marchetto’s direction of the R&D dept., Nice S.p.A. has grown over the years and has achieved a leading position in the market, thanks to the successful combination of technology, design and innovative marketing. In 2013 acquiring the majority stake of Somec he became Chairman and CEO.

Gian Carlo

After receiving a technical education, he started his own facades installation company. In 1999 he joined Somec to manage the company marine division. In 2008 he became Director of Somec, and starting from 2013 he was appointed Chief Operating Officer with responsibility for the commercial department and operations.


Graduated in Business Administration at “Ca’ Foscari” University in Venice, from 1994 to 2001 he worked in the administrative/financial area of a clothing company and from 2001 to 2008 in a multinational company, leader in the manufacturing of architectural envelopes and interior systems. In 2008 he was appointed Financial Sirector of Somec, and in the same year he became a member of Somec’s board of directors, with responsibility for the administration, finance and human resorces departments.

De Gobbi

Co-founder and CEO of Fabbrica, a company specialized in complex building façade projects. Alberto is a recognized leader within the curtainwall industry with over 30 years hands-on experience in the design and manufacturing of bespoke building façades. Prior to founding Fabbrica, Alberto was the CEO of Permasteelisa USA.


Co-founder and COO of Fabbrica, Claudio has extensive experience in all financial aspects of complex organizations including, Start up, M&A, Reporting to Shareholders and BoD, Road Show for Italian public company in USA, implementation of complex information system: SAP (financial and manufacturing) / Design to Production Integration Application, expertise in turnaround, restructuring and integration of Companies (held Interim CEO role). Claudio has been involved in operational roles including setting up over 7 manufacturing plat in USA, streamlined Worldwide Supply chain, applied Lean Manufacturing.