design for land and sea


marine solutions

Somec’s Marine Division is specialized in the design, production and installation of envelopes for cruise ships and ferries.

The world leadership reached by Somec is evidenced by the long list of projects carried out both in Italy and abroad, fruit of the close co-operation with ship-builders and shipowners.

Somec has implemented a large quantity of naval products during the years: doors (hinged and sliding doors, weather-tight and fire doors); windows, balustrades and partitions for the cabins, wheelhouses glazing, windscreens, structural glass walls for public areas and restaurants, special glazing for panoramic lifts, wellness areas, gyms and tunnels.

/ New building

This is a sector where a large number of factors and knowledge concepts of technical, aesthetic, engineering and economic type converge, consequently only a consolidated experience in the field can ensure that all stages of realisation of a product are followed successfully. Each product marked by Somec is designed in conformance with the current strict norms of the sector and is tailor-made according to the specific requirements of each client.


// Marine Refitting

Existing ships usually undergo maintenance services, at times they are refurbished and rearranged through real “upgrade” operations. Refitting services are carried out on specific projects, considering the conditions of each single ship and the requirements of the employer.

A refitting operation can be carried out at various levels, according to the parts that require maintenance or replacement, aiming at functionally upgrading the ship or improving its aesthetic look or again increasing performance levels.

The refitting activity is characterized by very tight timetables compared with the new building service, consequently greater organisation and quick execution capacity are required, always keeping in mind at the same time quality requirements.